Smart RFID-Card

  • ISO Standard Blank White PVC Cards

ISO Standard Plastic (PVC) CR-80 Cards ensures high quality printouts and well –defined barcodes. The cards have an even and smooth surface, preserving the life of your printhead. ISO Standard CR-80 Size: 54mm x 86mm x 0.76mm

  • Self-Adhesive Blank PVC Cards

Self Adhesive Plastic (PVC) Cards are used to customise thick clamshell RFID / proximity. Print directly on to the sticky card and adhere on to the proximity cards. In the event where there is a change of employee and you require to reuse the RFID/Proximity card, you may print on to the sticky card and replace the old employee details.

  • Magnetic Stripe Blank White Plastic PVC Cards

Magnetic  stripe cards comes in 2 variation:

HiCo (High Corectivity) and LoCo (Low Corectivity)

  • RFID / Access Cards

RFID ( Radio Frequency ID) Cards also known as Proximity Cards or Access Cards are widely used in today. They are used for door access, time & attendence , membership cards, purchase cards (replace the use of money) etc.


ISO-Mifare Card

Philips, 13.56MHz Nominal Read & Write Function

Memory:  1K and 4K available

Dimension:  86mm x 54mm x 0.84mm

Material: PVC

Type:  ISO Standard (can be customised to include Magstrip)


ProxCard II/ISO Prox II Card

RF-Programmable, 125kHz, customer-specified ID numbers, Vertical Slot Punch for Clamshell

Dimension:  86mm x 54mm x 1.8mm

Material: ABS (Clamshell) / PVC (ISO)

Type:  Clamshell / ISO


ISO EM / Clamshell EM

EM Matrin, 125kHz Nominal, read only function

Memory: 64bit

Dimension:  86mm x 54mm x 1.8mm

Material: ABS (Clamshell) / PVC (ISO)

Type:  Clamshell / ISO

Numbering Format: 8H10D+Weg24